Çocuklarda Gastrointestinal Perforasyonlar

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Eighty one cases, operated on with the diagnosis of gastrointestinal perforation during the past six years, at the edepartmant of Pediatric Surgery of Ondckuzmayıs University, were presented. Of the 81 cases 20 were newborn, 25 infant and 36 were generally obstructive lesions in newborn, invagination in infants and necrotizing enterocolitis in the 1 — 16 years age group. In 47 % of the cases the sight of perforation was ileum; in 53 %, according to the freguency of occurence, the perforations were at colon, jejunum duedonum, stomach and esofagus. Resection and primary anastomosis were the most commonly used surgical procedures. The mortality rate was 75 % in newborn, 58 % in the 1-16 years age group. The overall mortality rate, in all age groups, was %40.

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