Carcinoma Erysipeloides: A Rare Form of Cutaneous Metastases From Breast Carcinoma

Ayfer KAMALI POLAT, Ahmet Veysel POLAT, Sevil IŞIK, Sebnem ALPAKUT, Bulent GÜNGÖR
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We described in this case report a 62 year-old women with a history of modified radical mastectomy for an invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast 3 years previously (StageIIIA-Cerb-b2‘ (+), ER(-), PR %75 (+)). Although the patient has been still receiving Aİ diffuse erythematous plaques with an erysipel-like appearence occured located over the left side of the anterior chest wall and extending far from the mastectomy incision through the infraclavicular area, axilla, and back including scapular region.We observed complete clinical response after this chemotheraphy regimen.Today the patient has been still under following up since diagnosed with erisypeloid carcinoma without any local recurrences for 24 months.

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