DREEM; Dreams of the Educational Environment As Its Effect on Education Result of 11 Medical Faculties of Turkey

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Context: Educational environment has an extremely important role on students’ learning and educational activity. The DREEM (Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure) questionnaire is an important tool for assessing educational environment.
Aims: This study used qualitative analysis with the DREEM questionnaire, to evaluate the educational environment during Medical Students’ Congress,
Method: The DREEM questionnaire was administered to 204 undergraduate students from 11 different medical faculties all over Turkey. 149 students were from Ondokuz Mayıs University Medical Faculty (OMU) and remaining 55 students were from 10 different medical faculties. Total 265 students attended to congress and 204 (76. 98%) of them answered DREEM questionnaire.
Results: Two items with low scores on the DREEM questionnaire were identified as in need of rehabilitation. All results grouped in two as OMU and NON-OMU Group. In this study, DREEM questionnaire administered to undergraduate medical students of OMU (n = 149) and NON-OMU (n = 55) and the scores were compared. And then all groups’ data accepted as overall scores of Medical Faculty in Turkey.
Conclusions: In our study revealed that NON-OMU students perceived the learning environment more positively then OMU students. But in overall both group tends to give positive score with some questionable areas.


DREEM; educational environment; students’ perceptions; evaluation

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