A New Dynamic Arm Holding Device For Microsurgical Operations In Neurosurgery

Adnan ALTUN, Cengiz ÇOKLUK, Keramettin AYDIN, Murat Sinan ENGİN, Ercan YARAR
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The hand holding devices are generally used during the course of micro-surgical operations
in neurosurgery to prevent hand tremor. Recently we designed a new instrument for
holding two arms. This instrument used for stabilization of two arms especially during
microsurgical operations. We used this instrument in different type of operations such
as aneurysm surgery, brain tumor surgery, hypophysis surgery, pontocerebellar tumor
surgery and posterior fossa surgery. The ability of the instrument in the preventing of arm
tremor, and comfort of the arm during surgery was graded as bad, good and excellent in
terms of the description of surgeon during microsurgical operations. This instrument was
used during 20 neurosurgical operations. The capability of the instrument during microsurgical
operation was found as excellent in 65% of the operations. The capability was
found as good in 35% of the operation. In conclusion; this instrument holds two arms
in the same time and provide unrelated moving from each others. The capability of this
instrument is high in the preventing of hand tremor. This instrument may be used during
microsurgical operations in neurosurgery.
J. Exp. Clin. Med., 2011; 28:111-116

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5835/jecm.omu.28.03.007