Corneal endothelial changes in patients wearing soft contact lens

Mustafa DURAN, Volkan YETER, Osman SAYIN, Hakkı BİRİNCİ, İnci GÜNGÖR
2.089 554


We aimed to compare the cornea thickness and corneal endothelial parameters of young myopic individuals regularly wearing soft silicon hydrogel contact lens for at least one year with those of control group. Central cornea thickness was determined with Galilei Dual-Scheimplug Analyzer by performing anterior segment scanning to the both eyes of young myopic individuals wearing soft contact lens regularly for more than one year and those never worn contact lens before (control group). Full thickness corneal scanning was performed using confocal microscope after administration of topical anesthesia. Endothelial count, polymegathism and pleomorphism values were determined via automatic endothelial analysis. Mann Whitney-U test was used for comparison of the groups. Of the 16 individuals wearing contact lens, 3 were male, 13 were female. The mean contact lens wearing time was 3.5 years (between 1 and 8 years). Of the 26 individuals in the control group, 8 were female, 18 were male. No statistically significant difference was observed between contact lens wearing and control groups in terms of age, refraction, central corneal thickness, pleomorphism and endothelial cell count whereas polymegathism was the only significant parameter between groups (p=0.021). Endothelial polymegathism was more common in individuals wearing silicon hydrogel soft contact lens than those in control group. The use of silicon hydrogel soft contact lens may cause alterations in corneal endothelial cell structure in the long period.

J. Exp. Clin. Med., 2013; 30:27-29


Contact lens; endothelial cell; polymegathism; pleomorphism

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