Diagnosis of epidermoid lung carcinoma in a patient presenting with skin lesions

Esra PANCAR YUKSEL, Burcin CELİK, Gokhan SAHİN, Fatma AYDİN, Nilgün ŞENTÜRK, Müge Güler ÖZDEN, Tayyar CANTURK, Ahmet Yaşar TURANLI
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Skin lesions sometimes represent internal diseases or malignancies. Diagnosis of the associated disease could be important for the prognosis of the patient. Linear IgA bullous dermatosis (LABD) is a rare autoimmune sub epidermal vesiculobullous disease. Tense vesicles and bullae, sometimes in an arcuate or linear pattern, are seen as the clinical
feature. Although associations of various disorders such as gastrointestinal diseases, autoimmune diseases, malignancies with LABD have been reported, it is rare. We report
a patient who was diagnosed epidermoid carcinoma of the lung after presentation with tense, annular bullous lesions and didn’t respond to prednisolone and dapsone but was treated successfully by neoadjuvant chemotherapy and tumour reduction operation.


Epidermoid carcinoma;lLinear IgA bullous dermatosis; operation; treatment

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5835/jecm.omu.30.03.009


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