An evaluation of pediatric cases with trigger finger

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Trigger finger is a rarely seen condition in childhood. It generally occurs in the thumbs and in the differential diagnosis flexion deformities originating in the joint should be included. This study comprised 23 cases in 19 children who underwent surgery for trigger finger between 2005 and 2013 in our clinic. All the patients passed through the postoperative period without any problems. Several treatment methods are in use, however it is suggested that surgery is required as the first treatment option especially in childhood. Surgical treatment is made in the form of a percutaneous or open incision in the longitudinal plane of the A1 pulley system. In recent years, although percutaneous methods are in common use, open surgical methods have been thought to be more reliable as the surgical area is small and the digital veins and nerves can be easily damaged in pediatric cases. In addition, it can be considered necessary for early movement in the postoperative period.


Loosening; pediatric; surgical treatment; trigger finger

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