Assessment of ovarian tumor marker CA-125 during radiotherapy course

Mohammed Ahmed ALIOMER, Mohamed Elfadil MOHAMED, Mohamed Mohamed Omer YOUSEF, Mohammed FARAHNA, Adel ALGHANIM
1.710 674


The antigen secretion by ovarian cancer (CA-125) has been assessed using Radio Immune Assay (RIA) technique among a hundred ovarian cancer patients who received radiotherapy course as radical treatment. The study revealed that, the ovarian cancer commonly associated with the age groups of 30-40 years old taking a percent of 68 relative to other age groups and the antigen CA-125 does not has relation with aging. While the radiotherapy shows it is efficiency in management of ovarian cancer by reducing the antigen CA-125 level from 134 ± 13.3 U/ml to 5.5 ± 2.1 U/ml relative to normal level of CA-125 (35 U/ml). Also there is significant relationship between the
cancer stage and the level of antigen CA-125 (R2=0.98).


Ovarian cancer; radiation therapy and tumor maker; radioimmuneassay

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