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The aim of Yurt et al. study’s search the effects of fatty diet induced obesity and melatonin on kidney in female rats by histological and quantitative methods. They report that a fatty diet is responsible for the rats’ obesity and may lead to renal dysfunction; on the other hand they found that melatonin treatment after obesity might contribute structural and functional healing. Experimental study of Selli et al. was conducted to determine if exercise training has a protective role against the deleterious effects of aging in ovariectomized rats. Their results revealed that exercise training could increase the hepatocyte density in ovariectomized rats having hepatocyte loss. Ünal et al. aimed to determine the frequency and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of H. influenzae strains isolated from clinical samples between 2005 and 2010 in their research. They suggest that determination of the frequency of H. influenzae from clinical samples and its antibiotic susceptibility pattern may produce data for epidemiological studies and guide empirical antibiotic therapy. Kara et al. investigated prenatal exposure of diclofenac sodium on the rat prostate. They found that prenatal exposure of diclofenac sodium did not cause a significant change in the prostate stromal-parenchymal ratio in 20-week old rats compared to the control animals. In the first case report, Keskin et al., aimed to extend present knowledge by presenting a case who developed atrophic tibia nonunion despite the intramedullary nail fixation and who was treated via monofocalIlizarov compression over a nail. This techinque could have advances for preventing soft tissue damage in fracture location, reducing blood loss, shortening operation time and ensuring a good mechanic stability etc. Erdoğan et al. introduced a case about carpal tunnel syndrome due to the lipoma pressure on the median nerve. Their case is very interesting; because giant lipoma causing carpal tunnel syndrome is particularly rare.Kuyubaşı et al. presented a case including 30-days-old healthy male infant with left thigh swelling. This case may be caused by use of inappropriate vaccination technique without paying attention to sterility.Ayyıldız et al. presented a case about complicated esophageal varicose bleeding with myocardial infarction. The fact that esophageal varice bleeding is a problem bringing about many negative complications and requires multidisciplinary approach is stressed once more in view of the above mentioned case.In the other case report, Kuyubaşı et al. presented two weeks-late diagnosed patient with flexor tendon injury during sport activity. According to authors, tendon injuries must be treated immediately for preventing functional loss.Ceylan and Akça present a patient who had a right basal ganglia injury after a closed head injury. They suggest to psychiatry and child psychiatry specialists should consider behavioral changes followed by closed head injury.Alıcı and Kesicioğlu presented a case, which they initially considered to be epithelioid Schwannoma. However, later they found that this tumor appears to be an ossifying fibromyxoid tumor.Kelkitli et al. reported a case containing detected primary ovarian lymphoma during tubal ligation. As the authors reported, primary ovarian malignant lymphoma is rare. Involvement of lymphoma can be seen in the ovary at an early stage without mass and complaints of pelvic pain. In these cases, staging should be done as in nodal lymphoma and treatment

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