An important topic in medical education: Multidisciplinary approach to a sexual assault case in the emergency clinic

Murat YUCE, Ahmet GUZEL, Akan KARAKUŞ, Nazik AŞILIOGLU, Bülent Koray KARACA, Bülent ŞİŞMAN
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Alcohol related sexual violence is an important public health problem. However, there is a few research conducted on this problem in Turkey. The purpose of this case report is to compose a scientific approach in the view of literature. We report an alcohol related sexual assault case for presenting adequate approach to these cases according to current
guidelines. The victim was 17 years old female adolescent diagnosed and treated in the emergency service. The patient was hospitalized in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Service after emergency treatment in the Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Unit. A review and discussion of alcohol related sexual assault case is presented, and also multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment approach is offered for this entity. The blood alcohol level of the patient was 410 mg/dL, Glasgow coma scale (GCS) was seven
and body temperature was 35°C in the emergency service. Whole body examination findings revealed physical assault and also genital examination findings confirmed sexual assault. It should be remembered that delay in diagnosis and treatment of cases may lead to significant health problems in the victims of sexual assault. Also assessing sexual
assault cases, especially in emergency services needs to integrate assessments of different social and medical disciplines. Thus, latest guidelines for the evaluation of sexual abuse of children in emergency services must be learned by medical students and physicians.

J. Exp. Clin. Med., 2014; 31:63-65


Adolescent alcohol intoxication; child sexual abuse; rape; sexual assault

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