A case of Tailgut Cyst presented to the emergency department due to urinary retention

Nilay ÇEBİ, Yunus KARACA, Nurbanu KEHA KURT, Umut ERYİĞİT, Abdülkadir GÜNDÜZ
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Tailgut cysts are infrequent tumors in the presacral area and most presacral tumors in the literature are single-case, these tumors constitute 1/40.000 of applications to hospital. A 27-year-old male presented to the emergency department with urinary and fecal retention. Abdominal pain and swelling had persisted for a week. At physical examination the abdomen was swollen and distended. Rectal examination revealed a mass exerting external pressure on the inferior wall of the anal canal. Computed tomography of the abdomen revealed a cystic lesion in the pelvis, 13x12x9 cm in size, containing thin septa and displacing the bladder to the anterior and the rectum to the right. This report describes a case of tailgut cyst in the presacral area and creating urination difficulty. 


Abdominal pain Dysuria Pelvic mass Tailgut cyst

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Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine 32 (2015) 83-84