Demographic data of 112 cases transported to the emergency medicine clinic

Mucahit KAPCI, Kenan Ahmet TURKDOGAN, Mehmet YİĞİT, Orhan AKPINAR, Ali DUMAN, Mustafa ÇELİK, Nejat HUNİ, Abdullan HIZIRKILIÇ, Hüseyin DURMUŞ
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The coordination between pre-hospital emergency health service and emergency department is one of the major indicators of the quality of emergency services. This coordination heavily depends on the appropriate patient referrals made by 112 command and control centers. The aim of this study is to examine the collaboration and coordination between emergency departments and 112 Command and Control Center in such regions where there are more than one hospital. Computer-based medical records of the patients who were transported to Isparta State Hospital Emergency Medicine Clinic via 112 emergency call and rescue ambulances were retrospectively analyzed in this descriptive study. The number of patients transported to emergency department via 112 emergency ambulance service accounts for 5.73% of all patients (59616) referred to our emergency department in the same period. Among the consultations requested, while neurology department ranked first with a total of 316 consultations (20.4%), consultation with department of ophthalmology was only 4 (0.2%). In order to achieve a good coordination between hospitals and 112 Command and Control Center, the same form should be used in the period from hospital admission to the end of the treatment.


112 cases; demographic data; emergency medicine; pre-hospital emergency health service

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