A simplified approach for bicanalicular silicone tube intubation for the management of canalicular lacerations

Ertuğrul CAN, Ebru CÖMERT, Halil İbrahim AKGUN
1.508 195


We report the surgery of a bicanalicular laceration of the lacrimal system in which a simplified annular intubation of silicone tube had been used. After passing the silicone tube through the canalicular system guided by the prolene suture, the tip of the silicone tube was stuck and advancing it through the lach- rymal system was not possible. Then this threaded 6-0 prolene suture was tied to the wall of the silicone tube at the tip and pulled gently from the opposite side. The silicone tube was threaded easily with no obstacle. We hope that our result in this case will create an alternative way for surgeons while repairing canalicular system lacerations 


Bicanalicular silicone tube; canalicular laceration; eyelid trauma; repair

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