An important ethical and medicolegal issue; projecting the need for medical education about patient rights among the hospital staff

Akan KARAKUŞ, Mustafa Yasin SELÇUK, Mustafa ÜNAL, Hacı Ömer TONTUŞ, Levent ALTINTOP
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The aim of this study was to evaluate the need for medical education about patient rights among hospital staff and in the light of the study findings a curriculum map were designed on this issue. A self-administered questionnaire about patient’s rights was hand-delivered to 124 university hospital personnel who accepted to fill a questionnaire before education program settled in 29 March 2012. Ninety-two (74.2%) respondents were female and thirty-two (25.8%) were male. The mean age was 34.71±7.5 years. 80 personnel (64.5%) stated that they have received training concerning patient rights during their education while 40 personnel (34.5%) stated that they did not. Sixty tree (50.8%) of the participants stated that they had not read any legislation related to patient’s rights. In the light of present study findings, it is important to do postgraduate training activities about patient rights. Considering that there are 1727 non-doctors personnel working in Ondokuz Mayıs University Hospital, to be able to run effective training programs require ample utilization of computer technology and the social media. 


Education; hospital; medical staff; patient rights

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