Comparison of treatment modalities for urinary tract dilatation in children: Open versus endoscopic surgery

Ünal BIÇAKÇI, Dilek DEMİREL, Beytullah YAĞIZ, Yaşar ISSİ, Mithat GÜNAYDIN, Burak TANDER, Ferit BERNAY
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Our aim is to evaluate the efficiency and outcomes of endoscopic surgery (ES) and open surgery (OS) in children with urinary tract dilatation (UTD). Between February 2009 and June 2014, 77 patients (41 male, 36 female) with UTD underwent either an OS or ES. The age, gender, final diagnosis, type of surgery, postoperative problems (hematuria, fever, urinary tract infection and length of hospital stay (LOS) are retrospectively evaluated. The ES for UTD causes less pain, less hematuria, decreased LOS after surgery. ES is superior in terms of postoperative pain management, morbidity and LOS in selected conditions. 


Children; complications; endoscopic treatment; open treatment; urinary tract dilatation

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